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Megan Heather Evans.

20. Fine Art (BA Hons) Working for Waterstones and trying to have some sort of a life.

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Snow day!

So today has been extremely uneventful but I can’t lie, it’s been nice to have a break and do nothing. I had a lecture at 10am this morning but felt rough this morning and there was a good couple of inches of snow on the ground, surely you can’t have a better excuse to have a day off?
I planned on being productive with my time off but I’ve done nothing. I’m always busy with university, work & social things so doing nothing is rare for me, I don’t even have tennis tonight because of the snow so I’m literally doing nothing.
I think tonight will consist of more nothing & eating a roast dinner.. Mmmm


So I have something to be really happy about, I passed my driving test on Friday! I’ve been learning since late July so just under 6 months, and this was my 3rd test so I’m completely relieved I passed. I get really nervous under pressure and this affected my driving so much for the first two tests, but for this one I felt relaxed and drove pretty well. I only got two minors and considering I passed in 6 months I’m pretty damn happy with myself!
I won’t be getting my own vehicle as of yet, I’ve spent a lot of money lately and my insurance would be ridiculous, but my sister has a new fiat 500 and we’re ringing up tomorrow to see how much it’ll be to put me as an additional driver onto her insurance. I’d obviously have to pay all of the extra but the thought of having transport is pretty exciting!

Anonymous asked: that is suuuch a tacky tattoo

I appreciate the fact you are a dick and may not be able to help being so.

University is stressing me out…

So today I was planning to go into uni really early to finish my work, I have a deadline for tomorrow for the project I’ve been working on and really wanted to go early so I could get all my work up and displayed, finished and come home at an early time after my 2pm lecture… None of this happened.
I ended up staying at home until 1pm waiting for a package from the post man, I didn’t think I’d have to wait so long being as it was send first class recorded which should ensure delivery before 1pm, surely it would come way before? Obviously not, I was waiting until 12:55… I wouldn’t mind normally and would just go out, I hate waiting around. But it was the ipad 2 I ordered for Ben and really wanted to see it and give it him tonight.
So after eventually going into uni, I found out 2 people have dropped out of our Berlin trip with a potential 2 others doing so too.. We’ve all invested a lot of money into this trip for 5 days, with me and 11 uni friends all going together but the few dropping out means a potential increase in price for the hotel and a whole load of hassle none of us need. One person mentioned moving the trip until the Easter break but that’s easier for people who haven’t got a job. There is no way I would be able to book time off from work such short notice and the whole thing is a nightmare.. I’m hoping it gets sorted soon.

Tonight I plan on doing not a fat lot, going to bens and giving him his present and playing Lego lord of the rings for Xbox,

Money money money…

So in the past 3 days I’ve spent just under £1500, I think that’s actually a record for me.
To be honest, that includes three months rent, travel for three months, deposit on an all inclusive holiday with Ben, an iPad mini for me & I’ve bought Ben an iPad… Oops.
I probably should have paced myself a bit but realistically more than half of that Is on rent & travel so that’s something I don’t have to worry about for the next few months.
I was planning on getting my new tattoo booked and sorted with this money, but im abandoning this idea for a few months. I have my holiday to pay off in full still and need to gather spending money for Berlin at the end of this month.. I think I won’t be going out much from now until then!
Thankfully I get paid from work in 9 days, and that should make everything manageable and payable if I’m careful :)

So this week I went back to uni after having 3 weeks off doing nothing at all, it has been pointless! I have my assessment for the module on Friday and was looking forward to my two tutorials I was supposed to have this week, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I had drastically gone wrong with and to make sure I was doing ok, but both tutorials neither or my tutors actually turned up. I’ve felt really unwell, and made the effort to get into uni so I could talk to a tutor but apparently paying 9k a year isn’t enough for your tutors to turn up…